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News & Information
On this page I will be adding things as I find them. Dates above the items will indicate when I have added it, not necessarily when the news, event, or item occurred.

Follow Up to FREDHEAD

Well it appears that the Fairbrass brothers are busy on their fifth album. An official release date has not been announced at this point but they are aiming for an August 2002 release. Also a new single from the upcoming album may be released by early summer.

"Love Song" Is Next Single

With the release of "FREDHEAD" in the UK scheduled on October 22, Right Said Fred announce "Love Song" to be the third single released in Germany. We can expect a revamped version of the song along with some remixes on the single.


Wow, FREDHEAD debuted at number 2 on the charts in Germany!!!


New album info!
    Title: Fredhead
    Release: 13.08.01
    Label: King Size
    EAN: 0743218726224
	1. You're My Mate 
	2. MoJive 
	3. Angel Dust 
	4. Funk You 
	5. I Know What Love Is 
	6. Lap Dance Junkie 
	7. Lovers.Com 
	8. Bring Me Your Smile 
	9. Like A Woman 
	10. Jamaica Jerk
	11. The Sun Changes Everything 
	12. Insatiable You
	13. Love Song
	14. MoJive ((AC_Koma/Blue PM Video Mix)
	15. I'm Too Sexy
	16. Don't Talk Just Kiss

This is the official release info for the album. Look for a German CD site or go to GEMM (see the link at the bottom of my discography section) to order your copy. The second single, Mojive, was released on July 2nd in Germany.

You're My Mate, Big in Deutchland

You're My Mate, Right Said Fred's newest release, has hit number 6 on the German Charts. I have had many hits from Germany lately and received a great number of emails from German fans glad that the guys are back on the charts.


Here is some more official Right Said Fred News. The boys signed to BMG in Germany and a single will be out there on February 26th called "You're My Mate" on the label Kingsize Records. They have also just been shooting the video for the single in Hamburg! According to the band, the new song is a very catchy pop number with an anthem sort of feel to it. Sounds great. Keep checking those German record stores (and if you live outside of Germany, there are lots of places that sell import CDs at reasonable prices on the web, try, a link to their website is listed in my Discography section). Also, don't give up on the official website, I'll let you know when it's back up to speed.

RSF in the Studio & Revamped Website

Here is some official Right Said Fred News. The guys are back in the studio recording with BMG in Hamburg Germany. There are no release dates as of this time. Also the official Right Said Fred website, which has been inactive for a few months, is in the process of being "re-vamped". They are changing servers and it will be under new management. Keep checking for the update.

RSF at Your Local Video Store

I just found out that the whole band made an appearance in a british movie called "Solitaire for 2", starring Amanda Pays, Maryam D'abo & Mark Franel. Director by Gary Sinyor. Right Said Fred perform "She's My Mrs." in a church. Nice little performance.

And They Are Nice Too!

This isn't really news but...I have been in slight contact with Fred Fairbrass and just as I'd hoped he's a really great guy. It's always nice to know that the celebrities you like from afar are actually great guys. Just thought I'd share that.

Official Right Said Fred Website

The official RSF website is in full swing. Check out the site by clicking here. The Official Right Said Fred Site.

Their question and answer page in the fan forum is updated constantly and they are adding a gallery and sound and video clips. Looks like exciting stuff is happening. Also for all you lucky enough to live close enough, they are on tour through the end of August, check out the tour dates on the their site.

New Official Right Said Fred Website

The band is in the process of launching a new official website. The old "official" website, which has remained unchanged for well over a year now, has been replaced by a new site.

Check out the site by clicking here. The Official Right Said Fred Site.
Plus there is a great new photo of Richard & Fred.

News From Merry ol' England

Richard's at it again. Richard has been spotted by a visitor to the site, co hosting yet another british television show. This time he hosted a special entitled "Britain Behaving Badly", a take off of the sitcom "Men Behaving Badly" (for the Americans, the "Men Behaving Badly" that aired in the U.S. and did rather poorly in the ratings was a remake of a popular British show by the same name).

The show was filmed in all parts of the U.K. catching people doing sneaky and possibly unscrupulous things to get what they wanted with hidden camera setups. Brits were put in positions where they had the chance to do something like accept offers from near strangers to sleep with them for 5000, unknowingly being filmed by the secret cameras for their reactions. Supposedly Richard was very funny and did a great job as co host.

Too Sexy for the car seat

Right Said Fred has teamed up with Toyota for a new television advertisement campaign. The new Toyota Camry television ad features Right Said Fred doing a Toyota-esque version of "I'm Too Sexy".

I believe Richard also does the voice over for the ad. The song has new lyrics such as "I'm too sexy for the slow lane."

It's actually a kind of sounding commercial. It's always good to hear new Fred material, (even if it is hocking cars). Let's hope for a "I'm Too Sexy (the Camry remix)" CD single. ha ha

Oh, by the way, I saw the commercial 3 times a half an hour.

He's the host with the most

Richard Fairbrass is co-hosting a British television show on BBC2 called "Gaytime TV". The show is hosted by Right Said Fred frontman Richard Fairbrass and comedian Rhona Cameron. It is a late night talk show featuring gay and lesbian stories, issues, and events.

Last year the show did a special on the Gay Games in Amsterdam focusing mainly on gay life in Amsterdam, Rhona's bronze medal in swimming and Richard placing 12th in the cycling competition.

I have not personally seen the show since it is not aired in the US. If anyone has any more information about the show or Richard's role as host, please e-mail me.

South by Southwest tour SXSW 99

Right Said Fred played their first US date in years. Right Said Fred played a short concert at Fat Tuesdays during the South by Southwest tour (SXSW) in Austin Texas on March 20, 1999. The band was scheduled to perform at 11pm.

The show featured two songs, "I Like Girls, I Like Boys" and "Without Thinking" from their (hopefully, soon to be released) upcoming album. They also did a teaser cover of "Sweet Home Alabama". After working the crowd up they followed with a rousing yet slower version of "I'm too Sexy".

Other artists who performed during the 1999 SXSW tour were: Robbie Williams, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Beth Orton, Cibo Matto, Man... Or Astro-man?, L7 and many, many more.

Richard also spoke on a panel entitled "Artists: How We Make Records".

New Song Titles
New songs not yet released.
  • I Like Boys and I Like Girls
  • Spanish Holiday
  • Without Thinking
  • You're the Best Part of My Good Feeling
  • Why the Devil?

Possible Greatest Hits Compilation

One hit wonders?!?! HA! There is talk of releasing a greatest hits compilation. The tetative title for the album is "Up Up & Away" (a take off of their top selling debut album "UP"). This is still tentative. I have also heard that they are in the process of a new album (thus the new songs listed above). I am personally hoping for a new album of new material but I'll take what I can get.

If you have any information or news you'd like me to add please email me.

I am also looking for a few items, one is the video of the 1993 Mtv Spring Break Bash featuring Right Said Fred. If you know of a copy let me know. Thanks, Dave. -

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