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Welcome to my unofficial Right Said Fred website.
This site is dedicated to Richard & Fred Fairbrass, the brothers who make up the british band Right Said Fred.
In this site you will find a biography, galleries filled with RSF photos, a complete discography including sound clips from Right Said Fred's three albums: Up, Sex & Travel, and Smashing! as well as their singles and remixes, plus the latest news and information.
Please browse the rest of my site and hopefully you too will see that there is much more to this band than just "I'm Too Sexy". Keep checking back, I will add more information as I get it.

I'd love to hear from you. If you have any comments, questions, news, information, photos or suggestions well then "Write", said Fred - E-mail me here.

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I am trying to track down more pictures of RSF, if you have any photos you'd like to see in the gallery please email them to me. Thanks!

Gallery update. Another new gallery page is coming, keep checking back I have some great new photos.

I have no affiliation with Right Said Fred this is completely unofficial. If I have anything in this site that should be removed please contact me. I am doing this strictly for the purpose of promoting the group.

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