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Right Said Fred Discography
Look for the "wav logo" to download clips of the songs or the "lyrics" to see the lyrics.

Use the link, at the bottom of the page, to go to a site where you can find tons Right Said Fred items!


There may be more singles out there but that is all that I have been able to put my hands on. These albums, most of the singles, and the video compilation can be found/bought on the internet.

I found a lot of my Right Said Fred CDs at GEMM.
Find tons of Right Said Fred items here! cheap too.

The sound clips are copyrighted and are here only to provide examples of the bands material.
All sound clips are in the wave format. If your system does not play wave sounds there are free converters you can download to convert and play them in other formats. I really wanted to offer the clips in a few different formats but it quickly ate up all of my space. Let me know if you have trouble downloading these.