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Right Said Fred Discography
Look for the "MP3 logo" to download short MP3 clips of the songs or the "lyrics" to see the lyrics.

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championsStand Up (for the Champions) (2002)
Radio Edit, Single Edit, Extended Mix, Blue pm RMX, Razzio Club Mix

LovesongLovesong (2001)
Album Version, Dance Drive Mix, Synth Mix, Commander Tom Mix
Plus, You're My Mate - Anigo Mix

MojiveMoJive (2001) lyrics
Radio Edit, Video AC-Koma/Blue PM Mix, AC-Koma RMX and Insatiable You

you're my mateYou're My Mate (2001) wav logo lyrics
Radio Edit, Extended Mix, Unplugged Mix and Instrumental Mix

Girls and Boys fake coverGirls and Boys (2000) wav logo lyrics Promo only 12" single. Contains two mixes of Girls and Boys the Eviffa Mix and Space Dub Mix and the song I Wanna Be Like You (Dub Mix)

This seems to be a promo only unreleased single at this point.

I'm Too Sexy coverI'm Too Sexy (1991) lyrics
Remixes, also Spanish and Italian versions

Don't Talk Just Kiss coverDon't Talk Just Kiss (1992) lyrics

Deeply Dippy coverDeeply Dippy (1992)
Remixes plus a remix of I'm Too Sexy

Those Simple Things coverThose Simple Things / (What A Day For A) Daydream
Double single remix of Those Simple Things and Don't Talk Just Kiss plus a bonus non album track of (What A Day For A) Daydream

Love 4 all Seasons coverLove For All Seasons (1992)

Bumped! coverBumped (1993)
Remixes plus a remix of Turn Me On

Hands Up coverHands Up (4 Lovers) (1993)
Remix plus a bonus non album track BINGO

Stick it Out coverStick It Out (1993)
A non album track was a benefit single with remixes for Comic Relief which raised 45,000 pounds and went to number 4 on the UK charts.

Wonderman coverWonderman (1994)
Remixes with different lyrics than the album version. This single was used in a Sega Sonic the Hedgehog commercial in Europe the single has the lyrics from the ads.

Dance coverDance, Dance, Dance (Under The Moon) (1994)
A non album single with remixes. This was a song on the "Asterix in America" movie soundtrack.

Living on a Dream coverLiving On A Dream (1995)

Bigtime coverBig Time (1996)
Remixes (a whole new revamped version of the album track with changed lyrics)

Everybody Loves Me coverEverybody Loves Me (1996)

The Fred EP coverThe Fred EP (1992)
A three track compilation of three Right Said Fred songs covered by other artists. Contains Don't Talk Just Kiss prefomed by Flowered Up, I'm too Sexy preformed by St. Etienne (with Richard on some vocals), and Deeply Dippy preformed by the Rockingbirds. This EP was put out as a benefit single with all profits going a charity dealing with AIDS & HIV.


This is a Right Said Fred video Compilation called Up the Video. I believe it was available in Europe and Japan (Japanese videos are compatible with American VCRs so if you plan to order one and live in the US go for the Japanese import). It contains the following videos:


This is a Right Said Fred Annual. It was available in Europe in 1992, published by Grandreams Limited. This book is full of photos and information.

There may be more singles out there but that is all that I have been able to put my hands on. These albums, most of the singles, and the video compilation can be found/bought on the internet.

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The sound clips are copyrighted and are here only to provide examples of the bands material.
All sound clips are in the MP3 format. Let me know if you have trouble downloading these.