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this may be a reminder for most of you, but I wanted to touch base with everyone again since the party is now just days away. Sorry if you have been bombarded with reminders or if this is just your first invite. I have had pac-man fever fer sure and I totally can't remember who has like been invited already. BIG BIG SURPRISE PARTY FOR SUE HERSHEY'S 29th birthday on August 10th at Carol, Carol and Troy's at 316 West James.  Come between 9 and 9:30pm.  TRULY this will be the social and fashion event of the year.  Please bring drinks to share (and your fully-loaded camera if you know what's good for you).   NOTE:  Be advised that the GUISE for the party (i.e. what SUE thinks is going to happen) is an interactive PERFORMANCE ART PIECE by Carol Francis about adolescent angst.  THEREFORE, you are obligated to come dressed as your favorite slice of 80's.  Think Valley Girls, John Hughes movies, shoulder pads, skinny piano ties, preppys, new wave, 80's hair bands, flashdance leg warmers there are millions of styles to choose from and your local mission is crawling with them.   Questions, concerns and regrets back to me (Dave please use my work email so Sue doesn't find them on the home computer or Troy Groff at This party will be loads of fun, don't feel you need to bring gifts Sue has never had a surprise party before so I think that your presents there will be enough, but please come dressed 80's style.