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Each of the members of Right Said Fred had dabbled in musical careers before coming together to form their own band. As a bass player, Richard performed with such superstars as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Boy George. His younger brother, Fred, had the fortune of touring with one of his favorite artists, Bob Dylan. Eventually the brothers became determined to make a break for themselves and decided to seek out a third player. They put the word out through a rehearsal studio in their hometown of Putney, where they were introduced to guitarist Rob Manzoli.

Although he swears he will never shave to match his bare-headed band mates, Rob was a perfect fit from the beginning. He too had spent time performing with noted musicians such as The Platters, Muddy Waters, and ZZ Top, but with little recognition or creative opportunity. The three members of the still untitled band began meeting regularly over tea to talk about music.

When it came time to perform their first gig, the band had still not settled on a name. They were set to go in only twenty minutes when they heard a Bernard Cribbins comedy bit on the radio. They took its title for their own name and Right Said Fred was officially born.

Still lacking a hook to catch them their big break, Richard and Fred paid the bills working as gym instructors at the Dance Attic. It was there that they came up with the idea that would bring them more fame and fortune than they could have imagined. Certain that a bank would never loan them money to record, the brothers borrowed 1500 pounds, pretending to buy a car. With this money they recorded their first single “I’m Too Sexy”. A song inspired by the ego-driven models that worked out in the gym where the brothers worked.

It was when they hooked up with producer Tommy D. that Right Said Fred was given the dance beats that they had hoped for. Everyone knew it was going to be a hit, everyone but the big record labels. That is when Guy Holmes ( a British record “plugger”) took the single and decided to release it himself on his own label. He financed a low budget video as well as 5,000 copies of the single. When one of the copies made it to BBC1 it took off. Soon the next 40,000 copies where flying off the shelves. It shot right to number 2 on the British charts. It was followed by “Don’t Talk Just Kiss”. By this time they needed a full length album. The band was given a mere six weeks to write, and record the album. At that point “Deeply Dippy” was released as their next single.

The release of their second album, “Sex & Travel” was somewhat of a disappointment to the band, not even being released in the US. Fed up with the record industry the band formed their own label in 1995 and released their third album “Smashing!” in 1996. The album was limited in its release due to the lack of major label support.

The band is now in the process of rebuilding what they once had. They have been touring Europe non stop and are currently recording new songs. They are also considering re-releasing a new version of “I’m Too Sexy”. Some of the names mentioned for the remix are Jason Nevins, the Jungle Brothers, and even Guns ‘n Roses guitarist Slash.

There is also talk of a greatest hits collection. Keep an eye out for more hits from Right Said Fred.